The Team


Our talented circus dog Truco has accompanied Mundo Babushka during its travels through five different countries. He’s always in a good mood, showing love and affection. The projects founder Sophie actually never wanted a dog, but Truco just showed up one day and snuck into Sophie’s heart. Truco has his own performance in Mundo Bamboles show, hopping elegantly through the hula hoop.


Founder of the project Mundo Babushka, she’s a Swiss girl, polyglot, professional traveler, circus performer, photographer, writer and hobby mecanic. She considers herself an eternal optimist, loving live. As her parents were both travelers too, the idea to travel around the globe grew up with her. By now she has visited 32 countries, and still got the travel bug. She loves Latin America, and even tough she has visited already big parts of it, there’s still a lot more to explore and learn about it’s cultures and different ways of thinking. Sophie seeks new horizons while sharing joy and celebrate creativity on her travels.

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