My Travels

As a young girl I was pouring over photographs of my parents traveling in many exotic places, while I was dreaming of the world trip I’ll do one day. When I was 12 years old, I started to make plans and compiled list of countries I was going to visit. Looking at this list now, there are still many destinations not yet visited, but for now I’m exploring the continent of America by traveling on the ground with a camper van and faithful dog.

I did my very first independent trip was when I was 13, traveling all over Switzerland with my girlfriends. With a free pass ticket for all public transport within in Switzerland, we spent the summer school holidays touring with a tent and sleeping bags, and Switzerland felt huge to us, with so much to discover! After this first travel experience I did a few short trips around Europe with family and friends.

My first trip overseas was right around the globe when I was 19, to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, in the South Pacific. There I had a job in a travel agency and polished my English while learning about life on a small (67 km²) isolated tropical island in Polynesia. From Rarotonga I went south to New Zealand for a road trip, and before returning to Europe, I visited Hong Kong.

Between 2007 and 2010 I worked as a snowboarding instructor and did several office jobs to earn the funds for my next big trip, but still managed to to explore Norway, Vietnam and Zanzibar.

My present, so far six years long journey, started with a visit to New York, followed by extended travels in Central America, Mexico, California and South America. So far I have visited 32 countries, and I’m looking forward to continue traveling, learning about people and cultures, and sharing experiences wherever I go.

For more information about my travel route, please have a look at the map or check out my photography in the gallery.